SharePoint Online Learning Materials for IT Professionals

Are you an IT Professional looking to learn more about how SharePoint Online can help supplement your on-premise SharePoint 2010 Products deployment?  We’ve recently put together a comprehensive set of learning materials that illustrate the benefits of SharePoint Online and how you can leverage its capabilities to bring additional value to your on-premise deployment. Video

SharePoint 2010 Project create on Visual Studio 2010 x86 and Debug

I have Windows 7 x86 and Visual Studio x86 and want to create SharePoint 2010 project and make development but Sharepoint 2010 is only install on X64 so i search and find a solution. Origional Thread : Here are the steps to remotely build sharepoint components and remotely debug: Create, build, and deploy your

The New Features in C#4.0

I find nice article which explain new features in C# 4.0   Below is main features 1. Dynamic Lookup 2. Optional Parameters 3. Named Arguments 4. Generic Variance 5. COM Interoperability Please check origional article at :

Variable Declaration Implicit Vs Explicit

Sometimes we have to change the data that we are using. Sometimes this change may change the value of the data or sometimes it just changes the memory space allocated by that data. This change is called data type conversion. Data type is converted in 2 ways. They are: Implicit conversion Explicit conversion They are